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Nutzungsoffenheit / Verwendungsoffenheit (EN)

During the Enterprise 2.0 Summit (#e20s, #e20summit) in Frankfurt last week, the german term Nutzungsoffenheit was highlighted in connection with the nice phrase "Vorsprung durch Nutzungsoffenheit" coined by Alex Stocker and Alex Richter. An allusion to Audi's advertising phrase "Vorsprung durch Technik" some years ago. Since I am also dealing especially with the challenges created by "Nutzungsoffenheit" or "Verwendungsoffenheit" (s. here and google) f... [more]

Social Software Vulkan – Weiterentwicklung des Dreieck...

die (vorerst) letzte Entwicklungsstufe meiner Anpassungen des Social Software Dreiecks stellt der "Social Software Vulkan Hut" dar. Dieses "Modell" zieht sich so auch durch meine Dissertation (S. 77-78; S. 150)., die angenommen, begutachtet wurde und, nach der Disputation, ihrer zügigen Veröffentlichung harrt ;-) Hier aber schon mal die Darstellung und die Referenzen auf einige Entwicklungsstufen aus denen für Fachleute schon ersichtlich ist, wie die "Eckpunkte&quo... [more]

Communities for Novices (IBM)

well, nice story The adventures of Molly discovering Social Software @ IBM via lbenitez.com from frogpond's posterous - Home but some aspects leave me puzzled project plans are assigned to novices / rookies (for a given topic) communities for "likeminded" employees are a way to "teach" these novices in one day so that they can succeed in front of their bosses the verb "to collaborate" is used for (probably) shifting slides and digital fragemnts around Pretty nice... [more]

Social Software Triangle reconsidered

or: meet TIM, POC and NIM For the purpose of my dissertation it is more convenient to lay out the social software triangle this way (compared to this version) It is a framework to position generic/abstract forms of usage of these tools. Of course I like it, when blogs are in the center, which also means that they are even more underdetermined than the other ones. Positions can (and will!) change by adding (or removing?) respective functionalities to the tools. E.g. adding widgets for socia... [more]